My Care, My Way offers a number of key benefits for everyone aged 65 and over to live well:

  • Health and social care professionals are working together with local voluntary organisations and patients to provide care better than before.
  • Care is being coordinating with the active involvement of the patient.
  • GPs are supported by extra staff and professional resources.

Benefits for patients


Benefits for the GPs


Continuing and confidential care

My Care, My Way offers patients and their carers a wide range of benefits, including more coordinated and consistent care for adults aged 65 and over. Rigorous governance around patient confidentiality means that health and social care professionals on the team share patient records safely, securely, and appropriately between themselves.

This means that older patients:

  • Never have to repeat their story more than once to different people.
  • Can rest assured that their notes and care plans are safe and coordinated.
  • Receive proactive, planned, relevant and responsive care to meet their needs effectively.
  • Their personal health is managed to anticipate any change in circumstances which can also avoid lengthy hospital stays.
  • Are listened to, have extra time with their GP and are at the centre of their own care planning.

Convenient access to care

We have invested in two Integrated Care Centres as hubs providing a range of essential services for older patients conveniently in one place under one roof. They are providing older patients with a supportive and familiar environment in which to receive a variety of treatments and services.

This means that older patients:

  • Have more time with their GP and other professionals they need to see.
  • Can access a wide range of care services conveniently in one place, at one time.
  • Can avoid the need to travel between different locations and to access outpatient care in hospitals.

The Integrated Care Centres are near Ladbroke Grove and Chelsea Old Town Hall. Click here for details of these Integrated Care Centres.

Self Care

Self Care is collaborative in its approach to supporting a patient’s health and wellbeing from every angle.

Regular assessments, health monitoring and Self Care enable My Care, My Way teams to coordinate their responses and anticipate any changes in their patient’s health. This contributes to personalised and proactively planned care. Click here for details on how Self Care works.


Bucks New University MCMW Evaluation

An executive summary of the Bucks New University MCMW evaluation was released in January 2018, providing an overview of the first evaluation of the service. The evaluation consisted of:

  1. A qualitative study undertaken using interviews with MCMW service users, Case Managers, Health and Social Care Assistants (HSCAs) and GPs conducted during the period January 2017 to July 2017.
  2. A quantitative study of the impact of MCMW on service utilisation.

Key findings of the report include:

  • MCMW has provided a good foundation for integrating care in West London. Both patients and carers spoke very highly of the service, in one case describing it as ‘remarkable.’
  • GPs spoke very highly of the service.
  • Morale among the case managers and HSCA is high.
  • Previous research of integrated care models has not been able to identify any cost avoidance during the mobilisation period. This study has found early evidence of cost avoidance.
  • Findings from the quantitative evaluation reinforce the qualitative findings that MCMW is reducing unplanned crisis across the system of care.
  • Overall, whilst the economic case is not yet compelling, when the planned activity to reduce duplication is taken into account (i.e. Integrated Community Team mobilisation) the case is strong to continue this service’s positive trajectory.
  • The demands of an aging population are increasing, MCMW is facilitating the implementation of evidence and policy based practice in out of hospital care.

An executive summary of the report is available here:

MCMW Evaluation Executive Summary January 2018.  Please contact us if you would like to read the full report.

“It enables me to have somebody to phone if I have a small problem. It is a very very valuable part of my life now and I am very thankful to have this extra help.”

Verna Parry, Patient