Our Service

My Care, My Way is a pioneering new integrated care service which answers the calls from people aged 65 and older that care be delivered in a more consistent and coordinated way.

What is changing?

The new service is a commitment from all local health and social care agencies to collaborate with patients, their carers and their families. It puts patients at the heart of their own care and enables them to work in partnership with their GP and their My Care, My Way team.

My Care, My Way is collaborative and this integrated approach is a big change supporting patients in all aspects of their health, social care and wellbeing.

My Care, My Way gives your GP more time to talk to you. They will ask you what you want when it comes to planning your care.

From now on your GP (and the members of your integrated My Care, My Way team) will work more closely with you and with other professionals to provide you with the care you need.

Why is the new service needed?

Proactive and personalised care planning involves integrated and holistic care. The service is designed to support a patient’s physical health, together with their emotional, social and mental health needs.

For more details please check out the benefits of the service.

What is the aim of the new service?

My Care, My Way provides easy access to a wide range of health and social care services that specifically support those aged 65 and over. It also means working together with the patient in partnership to ensure the best possible results for them.

It helps older adults to remain independent, living in their own homes for as long as possible to help them avoid unnecessary hospital stays and plan for any changes.

How does the new service work?

Our new service is giving older adults regular, planned and more access to their GP and My Care, My Way integrated care teams. It offers longer appointment times and brings patients together as equal partners with their GPs and the other health and care services they may need.

It is enabling health and social care teams to coordinate their responses to changes in patient’s needs and to proactively plan in anticipation of any potential changes.

What is proactive and personalised care?

It provides planned access to a GP, the My Care, My Way team and the health and social care professionals through regular assessments, health monitoring and Self Care.

The new service means that for older adults care is focusing on:

Self Care
Exploring all the options available from other organisations to patients and which meets their needs to maintain their health and well being. Click here to find out more.

Regular assessing of a patient’s physical, emotional and environmental needs by a coordinated team of health and social care professionals.

Anticipating for any changes in an older adult’s needs and actively supporting them to cope with any changes.

Who can access the new service?

A patient can be referred into the service by their GP. More local GP practices will be able to offer the My Care, My Way service as it grows.

If you are a carer for, or act as an advocate for, someone aged 65 and over who lives in our area you can also access this pioneering service on behalf of the patient via their GP. Depending on a patient’s condition the appointment may be held at home, at a doctor’s surgery or at one of the Integrated Care Centres we have invested in.

Your local NHS is also investing in new staff and over 40 new My Care, My Way staff have already been recruited to local GP practice teams to support GPs in partnership care planning.

For more detail we have some frequently asked questions specifically for patients or to find out more about My Care, My Way talk to your GP.

“This is giving us all hope that the NHS is going in the right direction and that we can make a positive change for our patients with complex health needs. This new resource allows us all to work together to plan care well, and really make a difference.”

Dr Yasmin Razak, GP