Self Care

Self Care is an approach to health which helps you to keep yourself well. It focuses on supporting you to play an active role in your own healthcare and wellbeing.

Self Care works alongside and supports the traditional focus on medical care. It introduces a more holistic and rounded approach to your health. It can cover all aspects of your life.

Self Care will help you to develop your knowledge and skills to give you confidence to manage your own health. It will empower you to make informed decisions. Health professionals and local voluntary organisations with the right skills, experience and expertise will support you at every step.

Self Care introduces and encourages a wide range of healthy habits and activities that cover everything from managing your health to improving your social life. It encourages you to set goals for yourself and My Care, My Way provides additional support to help you to achieve those goals.

It’s a key part of the new integrated My Care, My Way service for anyone aged 65 and over.

Watch our short video to find out more about Self Care.


Why Self Care?

Self Care helps you to stay as healthy and as independent as possible for as long you can.

We know that it’s easy to fall into set patterns and bad habits and sometimes the things we do aren’t as good for our health as they could be.

Self Care is about making simple lifestyle changes that can have a big effect on your wellbeing.

Self Care in action

Self Care in action can be as simple as brushing your teeth, taking a painkiller if you have a headache, or trying to do a bit of exercise. It’s about managing those aspects of your own care that you can do for yourself that help you to feel well.

For example, if you have one or more long-term condition Self Care can mean learning a little bit more about what that condition involves. This gives you ways which can help you to look after your health in the best way possible.

There are a wide range of Self Care activities available, with specific sessions for those aged 65 and  different cultural groups. They can help you with independence, provide new interests, support health and well-being, and encourage fun. Ask your GP and My Care, My Way team for more information.

You can also find your local self care services on our new mobile phone app. The ‘Health Help Now’ app recently launched in West London, and guides you to a range of local services. The app shows when services are open or closed, their location and directions, plus details of useful websites and helplines for a variety of problems. To get started, head to the App store or Google play and search  ‘Help Help Now’.

Self Care in your community

A wide number of well established, friendly and varied community groups serve our area. These community groups do a lot to support people aged 65 and over. You can find lots of information to help you on the following useful websites:

Kensington and Chelsea Forum for Older Residents operates out of four locations around the borough and works with housing associations and community centres. Click here to visit their website.

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council (KCSC) publishes a directory of over 900 groups that operate in our area. To find a group that can help you, search KCSC directory of voluntary organisations on their website.

One Westminster is an organisation with a wide network of contacts and partnerships. Click here to visit their website.

Self Care options in West London can be found on the Healthier West London website click here to visit their website.

For information on medical care click here to visit the NHS Choices website.

Any questions? Click here for our Self Care Frequently Asked Questions.

Useful breathing exercises – video demonstration

We have produced a video demonstrating the ‘five breaths breathing technique’ which is a a way to control stress from your own home or in another setting comfortable for you. You can see an introduction to the video here or the full video here.

“The focus of Self Care is empowering the older patient to be motivated in looking after themselves, whilst providing a wide range of services to help to make this happen. They are less likely to need unplanned admission to hospital. They will have less need to see their GP. They will feel more in control of their condition.”

Kalwant Sahota, Self Care Commissioning Manager, My Care, My Way